Tuesday, July 2, 2013


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People want to know the future, especially when it is bleak and fluctuating, when the wait seems to go on without end. Prophecy becomes powerful, where one knows that suffering is not an end in itself.

Prophecy is powerful. It channels energies and recalibrates our course of knowing and subconscious actions. It brings out disparate selves into a single focus either to fulfill or rebel against our destiny. Prophecy is a force, and has the drive to push people beyond themselves. It manifests action, and through action reaffirms its own importance. It eludes the written and spoken word, it is inexplicable yet always at the tip of our tongue; it remains hidden in plain sight.

Prophecy acts like the north star, there when one is desperate to know their path and purpose in life. Those comfortable in their destiny will only find it a beautiful thing to behold, but nevertheless it remains in constellation and quietly etches your life in the background. It is a binding, a subtle understanding of relations with ourselves and others.

The search of prophecy lies in the search for our own insecurities and the compulsion to want to use knowledge to control our lives. It takes away will and agency, it takes away even this illusion of choice. The illusion of choice is important, it empowers people and allows them to feed into their own self-worth. The sweetness of labour always comes from one's own work. It presents itself new possibilities. Prophecy is antithetical to choice and agency, that particular knowledge inhibits one from ever seeing other possibilities, it blinds us to other constellations. Prophecy is dangerous because its seduction draws us downwards a path that re-energises itself. It becomes polemical, as we refute its truth, which ironically turns it upon its head to prove to us the Way has been written before our time and place. Prophecy only becomes when our field of vision starts to be narrowed by it - only Wisdom opens that narrow field of vision. Only then, can we transcend prophecy.

Prophecy is the lie we tell ourselves when we want things to turn out a certain way. Prophecy is the truth we use to lie to others. Prophecy is interpretion and reinterpretation, and thus highly depends on the context of the person who brings it to live. It is variable, like life and people. Prophecy is nothing but knowing the end to the story, where one still has to read through to appreciate the depths of the conclusion. Prophecy is a burden, and a great responsibility. The gift of prophecy therefore comes at a price - the price is never ever feeling surprised or shocked. The price is the omniscience of life, it becomes uninteresting and boring. It sucks out the life from life. It depresses one's emotions, it makes one cautious of feeling entirely. 

Ignorance is bliss, and in the case of prophecy, I cannot stress that it is better not knowing.

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