Monday, July 22, 2013

Je vais á Paris et Frankfurt!

I'm leaving for Paris and Frankfurt in a couple of hours time. It's honestly not that big a deal. However $3,500 later, perhaps I should be treasuring this feeling before 16 days fly past.

Travelling has always been my respite, an escape and even a journey of fulfilment. Going there, and coming back are both equally important to me. People often ask, "why do you keep going to the same countries?" I honestly feel that a place changes all the time, and it's quite a good feeling to be reacquainted with certain things you have seen before, and also, discover new spots. It is also the company that differs, and backpackers will tell you that company makes all the difference.

There is also tragedy, accidents, mishaps which form part of the trip. It's not perfect, and I don't expect it to be. However, lessons are learnt and the hurt will wean off with time.

I'm leaving again, for the third time, with my best friend (we made a pact years ago to do an epic trip together and now it's gonna happen!). I cannot ask for anything else more perfect in my life right now. I think, whatever that happens, change is in the air, and I shall relish every croissant, vin rouge, vin blanc, escargot, raclette, baguette, patisserie, white cabbage, BEER and chocolat chaud I can get my hands on.

You Only Live Once folks, so that's why I'm leaving, again.

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