Sunday, February 15, 2015

Losing someone and hanging on

There are some people in our lives, we want to desperately hold on to, whether it's a friend, a lover or a co-worker. It hurts more for someone to leave us, than for us to leave someone behind.

So we try, very hard, to hang on to them, do everything within our power to make them stay, or have them connect with you. Mostly we will fail, and the emptiness that ensues haunts us for the length of days.

Perhaps people leave us for a reason, reasons that are not apparent to us yet. Maybe when people walk out of our lives, they are doing us a favour - to teach us an important lesson we must learn, and to take that lesson forward so we might become better people. We always see loss as a negative thing, something to be avoided at all cost. I want to think of it as renewal of our lives - as we change, so do the people around us.

For a long time, I have moved on from a lot of people, and many people have moved on from me too. Those that stay with me, are a few whom I had the fortune of growing together - although our paths are different, but we are all roots of the same tree.

It will always hurt to let someone go - especially someone you cared deeply about. It's even harder to let someone go knowing they are in pain, they are hurting because of you, and to cut out contact with those whom you once shared a life with. Saying goodbye is can be meaningful and it will always be something we carry in our hearts. They are landmarks through the course of our lives, to identify the pivotal moments where we've changed, and the adversities we're gone through. We may say goodbye to our old selves and the people we used to associate with, because our life view changes.

There are some goodbyes that are forced upon us, be it a heart break or a death of someone we love dearly. It is a painful and permanent reminder that life is too short to not give thanks to those we have around us presently, and to cherish each and everyone who walked in our lives.

 Don't cry because it's gone, smile because it happened.