Saturday, May 25, 2013

Learning from you, Learning from me

I have been writing testimonials for the past couple of days and truth be told, I have lost count on the number of times I reused words and misused words. Some were outstanding and without a doubt, my praises were given freely. However, those are few and far between.

Of course there was a testimonial that was especially difficult due to the circumstances of it. Here is why. During the event, this person wasn't a leader exemplar. There is an unspoken code that a captain will never abandon the ship, even if you know you'd go down sinking with it. There is an unwritten rule, that your responsibilities go beyond yourself, and you will take accountability for all members regardless if the fault lies with you. There is an understood creed that you do not go on and break the trust of those who lay theirs in your hands. This person has broken all 3. Nevertheless, this person went on to make me a scapegoat, and a joke, when I was trying my best to show the error of this person's ways.

I now know that youths can be political, and they are not always "innocent" and "uncharted". This person, in his/her rudimentary ways, revealed to be of a character that has cunning and political wit that far surpasses my imagination. I would want to shake this person's hand, and thank him/her for opening my eyes to a whole host of possibilities, and now I am a better teacher and "adult".

We often imagine that experience is an armour against failure, but often it takes someone younger to show you and remind is, that experience is nothing but a history of reminders, not a foolproof suit against naivety and gullibility. It is an indicator of how much we have learnt, and if we're trifled, it simply means we have much more to learn.  This teaches me to he humble, and we can always learn from all ages, often as a teacher, I forget that.  Who you learn from should not be an embarrassment, instead I smile at this person's ability to do what he/she did. It's brilliantly done, the political maneuvers and half-truths.

But blossoming gardenia, learning cuts both ways, and experience gained from being able to wield the power of words have an effect. Your weapons come from the protection you receive,  and your place of power is deductive, it will recede once lies are exposed. My position is positive, it becomes stronger when I speak the truth. You lost the right to protection and the privilege of "nurture" the moment you chose to take advantage of your teacher's goodwill.  It should be so ironic, that your final instruction should come from me, it's about time someone taught you a lesson. Welcome to the real world, you've certainly earned your grand entrance. -xoxo 

Ksy, this is for you too.

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