Sunday, December 15, 2013


I've been taking a break from writing, because life sort of caught up with me and I find myself in the thick of things.

Well, there is a mad flurry of activities where we're planning the Intervarsity Theatre Forum 2014, along with SMU and NTU, to bring this vision to fruition. It has been a long time coming, and currently it seems like we're breaking new ground with this intiative. With the lineup of fabulous speakers and panel discussants, it's really exciting for both the planners and delegates alike!

So the other thing I've been up to is to write my thesis, although that has been taking a backseat for now. My supervisor is busy and so am I (excuses). My 400 word a day is faltering to finally reduced to "at least read 5 journal articles a week". It's not the most productive, but someone told me that we're all human and currently it's the best we can do for now.

Slightly in the medium-long term plan is to get the NUS Arts Festival moving as well. I've taken a more hands-off approach; after all I'm directing and I can hardly plan and direct at the same. I've laid the road for my wonderful production managers, so the least I can do now, is just to get it going and support them the best I could.

And of my social life, I'm currently busy as well - and in a good way. I'm learning about compromises, planning my life around someone else and at the same time, also leaving enough time for the ones I care about.

Christmas is around the corner and although I'm an atheist, I can also still appreciate the call to spend time with your loved ones. So in the midst of the activities, I do have my priorities in order; so I'll be back - soon, to do what I love - writing.

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