Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baking Meaning

This week has been quite eventful, the haze, running around IN the haze and consequently getting sick. The skies have cleared along with my mood, and there are a lot of things to clear for today. But alas, cakes come first.

Everyone has something they turn to when they are stressed, or simply want to keep themselves occupied. Baking has always been my hobby, and while I don't profess that I'm eligible to be on Masterchef, I enjoy what I do.

From delightful meringues to sumptuous cupcakes, these days I find myself pulling out that whisk and mixing away. It should be so strange, that I never taste what I make, and due to the restrictions of my diet, I only bake to give others. It is an issue of supply and demand. I have limited supplies of cakes/meringues to give, but have too many people I want to share with. It is always a personal dilemma. Who do I give, and if I give this person, I need to also share it with others. It can also become political, when you offer some people and not others.

Then what happens when your tasty treats don't turn out the way you want them to? My strawberry buttercream always seems to collapse =( in any case, do you still give them to others? Or keep them to remind yourself of your failure. Do you throw them away? Wouldn't it be wasteful?

The process of baking is always fun and enjoyable. I find that the best time to clear my mind and think about new ideas, or sort out my thoughts. It's like when you sleep at night and your dreams are your brain's way of sorting out the day's events. It's when I finish baking, cleaning down the grease that confounds me. Decisions Decisions Decisions.

I guess because you've spent so many hours and your aching arms from all the mixing makes it hard to part with your goodies. I am always honoured when someone gives me a home-made cupcake/brownie because I understand completely what it means. Perhaps I'm just one of those people who value and takes pride in what I do, so every delicious morsel is something that I present from the bottom of my heart.

=) So...I hope you enjoy the love that I'm sharing!

(for those who didn't receive any, I am sorry but there are only a dozen, and I am afraid that you'll have to wait till next week.)

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